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Signed contract for the construction of a Fast Tram to the north of Krakow

on May 22, 2017, a contract was signed for the construction of a tram line from the Krowodrza Górka estate to the Górka Narodowa. The cost of the investment will amount to 326 million 225 thousand zlotys. zloty. The tender was won by the consortium Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Technicznych INTERCOR and Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynieryjnych Robót Kolejowych TOR-KRAK.

The contractor selected in the tender will be responsible for the execution of the investment design, obtaining the necessary administrative decisions, building a new section of the tram line with the road system, and carrying out trials and tests on the constructed infrastructure. The five-kilometer route will lead you through the districts of Krowodrza Górka, Prądnik Biały, Pachońskiego Street, and Bociana Street to Górka Narodowa.

The investment includes, among others construction and expansion of the tram track, along with the construction (reconstruction) of tram stops, platforms and bus bays, and the construction of the traction network. The scope of works also includes the reconstruction of the Krowodrza Górka tram and bus terminus, the construction of the Górka Narodowa tram and bus terminus with the station building, which will be harmoniously connected with the roof over the bus platforms, access to the building and the entrance zone from the platforms, as well as the construction of three car parks in the "P&R" system: in the area of ​​the Krowodrza Górka tram terminus, at the intersection with Pachońskiego Street and at the Górka Narodowa terminus.

As part of the investment, an area traffic control system will also be launched, which will be responsible for ensuring that the tram has priority at intersections.

The construction of this line is also good news for drivers. As part of the task, Pachońskiego, Siewna, Bociana streets will be rebuilt and a new section of the road will be built in the Górka Narodowa housing estate - from the planned intersection from Banacha Street to al. 29th of November. Let's also not forget about the three P&R car parks.

The expansion of the road system also includes the construction of new engineering structures, e.g. a tunnel along Opolska Street, a flyover over the Sudoł valley, footbridges over the KST route (at the height of Szopkarzy and Danka Streets), bridges over the Białucha River and the Bibiczanka Stream, and a tunnel under a railway line that will be used not only by the tram, but also by cyclists and pedestrians.


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