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Extension of Kujawska Street completed. Acceptance works have started

The expansion of Kujawska Street has been completed. ZDMiKP started the acceptance of the completed works.

This week (June 28 - July 2), ZDMiKP will carry out the acceptance of works carried out on the extended Kujawska Street. All road markings and signs will be checked. After its approval, it will be possible to test the traffic lights on both roundabouts. Road workers inform that the operation of the lights will be carefully monitored and synchronized with the ITS system in Bydgoszcz.

Sidewalks, roadways, exits to the property, stairs, bicycle paths and stops will be subject to detailed control. The shortcomings indicated by ZDMiKP, which still need to be supplemented or corrected, will have to be corrected by the contractor. Therefore, during the summer holidays, minor works may still be performed on roadways, sidewalks and areas adjacent to the investment. However, they will not cause major traffic difficulties. The contractor is obliged to obtain an occupancy permit for the works performed within two months.

During the last works on the greenery carried out right next to the parking lot on Długa Street, other finds concerning the history of our city were found. Additional archaeological work must be carried out here. It is probably a further part of the old Polish route, which has already been discovered during construction works.



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