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Tramwaje Slaskie has settled the tender for the renovation of the tram track in Sosnowiec

The deadline for submitting offers was at the end of January. Four entities were launched. On February 28, 2018, Trams Slaskie resolved the proceedings. The offer of the Krakow company Tor-Krak was selected, which submitted the most advantageous offer, amounting to PLN 16.78 million gross.

The subject of the tender announced by Tramwaje Śląskie is the reconstruction of the track in the road along Mariacka and Żeromskiego Streets on the section from Przechodnia street to the intersection with 3 Maja street in Sosnowiec. As part of the reconstruction, the replacement of turnouts and the construction of a new one as well as the reconstruction of the existing landing platform are also planned. The total length of tracks to be reconstructed is approx. 1,660 m of a single track.

On Mariacka and Żeromskiego Streets, a new wearing course will be made along the entire width of the road surface. Moreover, on Mariacka Street, under one of the tracks separated from the road, a green track is planned. The following species are expected to be used: cobweb and sedum: white, six-row, Lydian, hybrid, bony, flowery and Caucasian.

12 months have been allocated for the implementation.


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