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Ruda Śląska Karola Goduli street dismantling

The general contractor of the task entitled "Reconstruction of the tram infrastructure along Karola Goduli Street in Ruda Śląska" is the Krakow company TOR-KRAK. On Friday, April 3, 2020, the construction site was handed over, and the next week, surveyors were already working in the field. Now the contractor is carrying out the dismantling of the track, which means that the line No. 9 will be shortened.

In connection with the works, from mid-April until further notice, changes were made to the organization of tram traffic:

the timetable has been corrected for line 5,

line 9 trams run on the shortened route: Chorzów Rynek - Ruda Śląska Chebzie loop,

for line No. 17, the number of runs was increased and the timetable was corrected,

Line no. 30 was re-established, running on the following route: Bytom pl. Sikorskiego - Zabrze Biskupice loop.

In order to ensure the possibility of direct access on the route Ruda Śląska - Bytom, bus line no. 121 e runs on the route Halemba Pętla - Orzegów Waniora - Bytom Dworzec.

On most of the modernized section, the track is separated from the road, so dismantling works should not interfere with car traffic. Later, temporary changes in the organization of car traffic will also be introduced.

Task entitled "Reconstruction of tram infrastructure along Karola Goduli Street in Ruda Śląska" is part of the "Integrated Project of modernization and development of tram infrastructure in the Silesian-Zagłębie Agglomeration together with the purchase of tram rolling stock" co-financed by the European Union. The investment will include the modernization of approximately 2,900 meters of single track, and the contract with TOR-KRAK is worth nearly PLN 26 million btutto. According to the provisions of the contract, all works are to be completed by mid-March 2021


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