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Renovation of the tram track along Mariacka and Zeromskiego Streets in Sosnowiec

January 26, 2018 The most advantageous offer was submitted by "Tor-Krak" Sp. z o.o., which is ready to carry out works for PLN 16.78 million gross, offering 84 months of warranty!

The subject of the tender announced by Tramwaje Śląskie is the reconstruction of the track in the road along the streets. Mariacka and Żeromskiego on the section from Przechodnia street to the intersection with 3 Maja Street The scope of the investment covers an almost two-kilometer section of Dąbrowskiego Street from Podgórna to Rzgowska. The track system and the roadway were rebuilt, also on the adjacent parts of Kilińskiego and Rzgowska Streets. Accompanying works will include underground infrastructure, pavements, lighting and construction of a bicycle path. In the section between Kraszewskiego and Kilińskiego Street, where the tracks ran along the road, car traffic will be separated from the tramway by moving the track to the north and the road to the south (at the cost of demolishing the tenement house). The same is to happen on the section Kilińskiego - Rzgowska.

The infrastructure at the bus stop will be adapted to the needs of the disabled. With the exception of the Dąbrowskiego - Kilińskiego intersection, all stops will be made as bus and tram stops. Apart from the intersections, the track will be green. At Rzgowska, between Dąbrowskiego and Plac Niepodległości, there will be Viennese stops, known in Łódź, for example, from Piotrkowska Street.

A traffic light will be built at Kilinskiego Street. in Sosnowiec. As part of the reconstruction, the replacement of turnouts and the construction of a new one as well as the reconstruction of the existing landing platform are also planned. The total length of tracks to be reconstructed is approx. 1,660 m of a single track.

On Mariacka and Żeromskiego streets, a new wearing course will be made along the entire width of the road surface. Moreover, on the street. Mariacka Street, under one of the tracks separated from the road, there is a green track. The following species are expected to be used: cobweb and sedum: white, six-row, Lydian, hybrid, bony, flowery and Caucasian.

12 months have been allocated for the implementation.


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