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Completion of the modernization works of the tram track in Ruda Śląska Godula

The modernization works of the tram track in Ruda Śląska Godula have come to an end. The new infrastructure was tested, it passed the test, so on Wednesday, September 1, the tram set out on the new tracks. Temporarily, it will be line 39.

The first technical passage of the tram using the track modernized as part of the task related to the reconstruction of the tram track along Karola Goduli Street took place on August 10, after the general contractor - the company Tor-Krak - announced its readiness to start the acceptance procedure. - The commissioning committee started work, indicated to the general contractor a number of minor corrections necessary to be made before the resumption of traffic, and the Tor-Krak company removed all the shortcomings in the following days. The second technical trip took place without any obstacles, so we were able to report to the ZTM readiness to launch tram transport on the modernized infrastructure in the Godula district - explains Andrzej Zowada, spokesman for Tramwaje Śląskie. On the further part of the line, on the Bytom side, the project along Frycza Modrzewskiego street and so far it is not possible to start the line No. 9 on this section. That is why it was decided that the trams of the line no. 9 would continue their courses at the terminus in Chebzie, and that the section from the Chebzie stop to the Młyn Szombierski stop would run by the line no. 39, served by a two-way car. Line 39 was launched at the beginning of the new school year, on Wednesday, September 1.

The investment included, among others modernization of approx. 2,900 meters of single track, poles and catenary, landing platforms and two new passing passes. The ongoing acceptance procedure should be completed by September 10. The task is part of the EU project.



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