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Bydgoszcz - extension of Kujawska street

In December 2018, in a consortium with the companies: Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowo-Inżynieryjnych from Toruń and Fima "Gotowski" from Bydgoszcz, we started work related to the implementation of the task "Construction of a tram route along Kujawska Street on the section from the Bernardyńskiego roundabout in Bydgoszcz along with the expansion of the system. road ". Completion of construction works is planned for 2020.

Value of the works: PLN 167 million gross.

Until now, trams serving the largest housing estates on the so-called upper terrace of the city could only run using the tracks along Perlowa street. For the inhabitants of the Uplands and Wzgórze Wolności, it was a much longer route, so on the way to the center they more often chose bus lines or their own car. Along with the expansion of Kujawska street, the tram will become the most convenient means of transport. Lines running from the terminus in Kapuściska or Glinki will be able to run along a separate track along Wojska Polskiego, Kujawska and Bernardyńska street and will reach the center in several minutes. At the same time, the infrastructure dedicated to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers will also be developed.

- It is a very important contract for us - says the president of Gotowski, Marek Gotowski. - From the very beginning, together with our partners, we were building an offer that turned out to be the best for the investor. Secondly, it is another order carried out in our hometown. It is also a task that allows us to use our potential. Unfortunately, recent months have been very difficult for companies in the construction industry. All risks related to the increase in prices of construction services and materials were borne by the contractors. In addition, many tasks for reasons beyond the contractors' control do not finish on time, which affects the financial results. First of all, due to the area of ​​impact of the investment - the very center of the city and the route of the national road No. 25 - we will prepare the optimal traffic organization with ordering parties. We want to start surveying, demolition and removal of the first collisions as soon as possible. The main construction works will start in spring.

Completion of construction works is scheduled for two years. The investment will also be covered by a long, 8-year warranty. It is worth noting that the investor - the City of Bydgoszcz, previously ordered 15 modern trams to service the new route. Their deliveries will be finalized in the coming months.


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