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Agreement signed in Łódź

On November 28, 2017, a contract was signed for the reconstruction of the western section of Dąbrowskiego Street in Łódź. Work will begin at the beginning of next year and will be completed in almost two years. The amount of the contract with Tor-Krak is almost PLN 50 million gross.

The scope of the investment will cover an almost two-kilometer section of Dąbrowskiego Streets from Podgórna to Rzgowska. - The track system and the roadway will be rebuilt, also on the adjacent parts of Kilińskiego and Rzgowska Streets. Accompanying works will include underground infrastructure, sidewalks, lighting and the construction of a bicycle road - informs Grzegorz Nita, director of the Management Board of Municipal Investments. On the section between Kraszewskiego and Kilińskiego, where the tracks now run in the road, car traffic will be separated from tram traffic by shifting the track to the south. The same is to happen on the section Kilińskiego - Rzgowska Street.

The infrastructure at the bus stop will be adapted to the needs of the disabled. All stops will be made as bus and tram stops. Apart from the intersections, the track will be green. At Rzgowska, between Dąbrowskiego and Plac Niepodległości, there will be Viennese stops, known in Łódź, for example, from Piotrkowska Street.

There will be traffic lights at Kilińskiego Street.

We anticipate the commencement of works in the spring. The deadline for completion is the turn of summer and autumn 2019.

The reconstruction of Dąbrowskiego will be part of a wider program "Tram for Łódź", worth PLN 634 million, including the reconstruction of the tracks also in Śmigły-Rydza, Kopcińskiego, Kilińskiego and Przybyszewskiego avenues and the construction of new sections to Broniewskiego and Grohmanów avenues.


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